Sunday, September 20, 2015

3 Reasons Why All Millennial Women of Color Should Go Natural !

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Ladies ! Are you tired of shelling out stacks for extensions & weaves !? Well, its never been an easier solution...wearing YOUR own hair. How easy is that ! *pun intended lol*

Women of color all over the world have been embracing their naturally curly hair that's been oppressed for so long. The natural movement gained support through You-tubers/bloggers like CurlyNikki and AfroBella to name a few. You may have even seem the movement appropriated by designers like Marc Jacobs ( calling bantu knots , mini buns)  and even celebs like Kylie Jenner rocking braids/locs. Many of my YouTube Friends are natural and it has even inspired a weave junkie like me to rock my curls. 

Here are 3 Major Reasons To Rock Your Natural Mane ! 

  1.  It's Inexpensive - How many of ya girlfriends shell out over $400+ for weaves/extensions every few months !? That adds up to thousands of dollars a year for HAIR ! Think about your goals , this money could've been used to pursue your dreams or even a down payment on a house or car. Not to even mention most of these hair companies are not even black owned so you'll never see that money back in your community smh. Natural hair products are usually cheap (10-50$ at the most) and can be found at a local drugstore. Even getting your natural hair done at a salon is cheaper than an install. 
  2. Shows Confidence- Rocking your mane proudly shows you are confident in who you are naturally and don't need to put on a facade to feel beautiful. A woman with natural hair demand respect and attention when she enters room because she doesn't need the extra frills and doesn't blend in with the sheep !
  3. Versatile The beauty of natural hair is that it can be worn many ways. From straight to curly to rods and twist , this hair does it all.  There has never been more reasons to embrace YOU !

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